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h1. RC Related stuff

[[flightLog|Flight Log]]

h2. Helicopters

* [[trex600esp|T-REX 600 ESP]]
* [[cx450aev2|CopterX 450AE V2]]

h2. Planes

* [[mpx_funcub|Multiplex Funcub]]
* [[depron_prime8|Scratchbuilt Depron Prime-8]]
* [[FunFighterAT6|HK FunFighter - AT6 Texan - Stabled]] Texan]]

h2. Trucks

* [[eSavage|E-Savage]]

h2. Radio

* [[hitecOptic6|Hitec Optic 6]]
* [[FrSkyTaranis|FrSky Taranis]]

h2. Tips

h3. Center of Gravity (COG)

??Another way to see how far the setup is from the neutral balance point (a C.G. range good for aerobatics) is the dive test. Trim for level flight then enter a 45 degree angle dive? and release the sticks. If the plane quickly pulls up, move C.G. back. If the plane stoops into a steeper dive, move it forward.?? johnw5734 - Youtube

"Additional macros":