Align T-REX 600 ESP

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13.04.2010: I was given this helicopter as a gift from my wife Ann Elin, since she felt I have been working a lot around the house (garden, building fence etc). I am to complete the fence before i fly it.

It was bought from rc711



Flew abit slow FF at "Stemmen".


Added ferrite ring and capacitor to sensor, no flying due to rain.


Grounded AD2 to prevent noise on AD2.
Changed alarm levels, and hovered 8 mins.


Kinda scared of the batt, hovered 4 mins


Connected the battery sensor. Was planning on hovering untill sensor made sound. Ended up hovering more than 10 minutes. I suspect i put the alarms on the wrong sensor input...
Also, when looking at output from Tx module, i think i should put a capacitor on my sensor to prevent spikes and drops.. or lowpass filter on the read algorithm..


Flew one batt, mostly hover and slow forward flight, set the alarms for the FrSky model when i came home. Heli was great!


Made a voltage sensor to use with the FrSky TwoWay system.

Second flight/hover, same issues with softstart though :(

(Warning, really boring hover)


Tried to loosen the motor mesh alittle to see if that helps with the softstart, it is rainig though, so it will have to wait.


Maiden flight.
Some issues with the softstart; the motor struggles to get the blades running, after a few attempts it spools up fine.

The heli hovers like a dream!!!

I don't fully trust the electronics yet, so i'll stick with hovering for awhile yet.


Build completed.


EC5 connectors arrived, Soldered them on battery, esc and charger, charged the batt.


choppy movement fixed by changing polarity of PPM from negative to positive in the Tx menu.


Troubleshooting choppy servo movement.

Attached a few tubes to let the Rx antennas sit in. Did some more work on the electrics.


Troubleshooting choppy servo movement.

Started working on electronics placement


Received birthday gift from wife, including: Align DS650 Tail Servo, Main Rotor blades and a swash leveling tool. I mounted and adjusted the tail servo, and set up the initial gyro setup.

Ordered EC5 connectors + wire from HobbyKing


Received the FrSky kit, started setting up the head/swash. Most is finished except for the blades themselves. I guess i will be setting up for -9/+9 pitch


Been away on vaccation, managed to pick up the battery from the post office today. Turns out it has 5.5mm bullets connected. Need to order bullets, or refit it with Deans (not reccomended)


Received 3x Align DS610 for cyclic. Mounted these, adjusted elevator links to be of equal length. Balls probably need to be moved after i've centered the servos.


Ordered: * swash servoer (3xDS610): 1039,- NOK (Birthday gift from mom) * 5000 mAh 6S 30C LiPo: 592,- NOK (Birthday gift from dad)


Ordered: * FrSky Two Way Tx Module and Rx + 1 normal 7 ch Rx, 875,- NOK (Birthdaygift to myself)

h3. 17.04.2010 Build started, head complete. (3 hours)

This helicopter scares me. The build is simple enough, but its insane size makes me rethink what kind of electronics i put on it. I don't want any incidents where I lose control of it due to mechanical or electrical failure. This thing can kill a person easily.

18.04.2010 Build continued, frame partially complete. (1,5 hr)

19.04.2010 Build continued, added elevator bracket and landing gear (1,5 hr)

20.04.2010 Build continued, Some work on tail and Torque Tube (0,5 hr)

21.04.2010 Build continued, Tail and Torque Tube finished, tail now on heli (2,5 hr)

22.04.2010 Build finished, as far as i get without Rx/Servos. Fixed Main Gear, motor and pinion. Preadjusted servo links (2 hr)

13.11.2011 First loop and roll. Need to increase throw on cyclic for these manouvers