Q: Android Market shows "not compatible"

A: The app might not be compatible with custom dpi's, try the APK file from the files section here, or try setting the dpi to 160 and see if that helps.
Credits: Martijn Kruissen

Q: Why is the icon and graphics so ugly?

A: I am not a graphical designer. If you have skills in those areas, you are welcome to come to my aid :)

Q: What languages are available?

A: We currently focus on features and usability. Providing several languages is not yet in our scope. If anyone wants to join in we will be happy to create an account. If needed we can explain how Android handles i18n so that everyone with the knowledge of another language can help.

Q: My FrSky products have no Bluetooth. What can I do?

A: True the current FrSky product line is not equipped with Bluetooth out of the box. You can however simply add this to the DJT and DFT modules using a separate Bluetooth module. Follow the link for more information.

Q: How can I report a bug or request features?

A: You can reach us using the contact information on the Android Market (Google Play) or register at this project website and contribute at the forum.