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Versions and Roadmap

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Espen's Setups

Original Goals

The original goals for the app was to create an app for Android phones that could connect to the FrSky Two-Way Tx module and receive live telemetry data from this.

It should also be able to be used to program the Tx module.

Things it should achieve:
  • Display of Raw numbers for AD1,AD2,RSSItx,RSSIrx (Done, 1.0)
  • Application of unit conversion (e.g. Voltage) to AD1 and AD2 (Done, 1.0)
  • Display of raw userbytes
  • Implement the FUP protocol
  • Alarms for low voltage
  • Alarms for value change (vario)
  • Log raw data stream (Done, 1.0)
  • "Playback" raw datastream (simulator purposes)
  • Program Tx alarms (Done, 1.0)


  • Bluetooth connection
  • Text to speech, alarms and indications
  • Sensors to trigger value readout
    • Sudden movement (if mounted to antennae)
    • Certain angle
  • Voice recognition to trigger value readouts
    • All readouts when any "word"
    • Different words for different readouts
  • Vibrator possibility on alarms
  • Google Maps integration for GPS
  • Graphical representation of sensor hub data
  • Distance between model GSP and Android Device GPS



Bluetooth Module
Bluetooth Module inside DJT

Developer Espen Hans
Devices HTC Desire/Acer Iconia A500/Samsung Galaxy SII HTC Hero/Desire Z/Acer beTouch e130/SE Xperia Mini Pro
FrSky Tx Module DFT DHT, DJT
FrSky Rx's D8R (V2 firmware), D4FR, D8R-II, D6FR D8R-II receiver
Hub FSH-01
Sensors DIY Voltage, FBVS-01, GPS-01, TEMS-01, FVAS-01
Bluetooth BlueTooth Module RS232 level BlueTooth Module TTL level
Radio Hitec Optic 6 Turnigy 9x


The FrSky Dashboard uses source from the BlueTerm open source project: to communicate with the Bluetooth module. The BlueTerm source is covered by the Apache 2 Licence:


FrSky WebPage
BlueTooth Module

AndroidDashTopology.png (27 KB) Espen Solbu, 04/11/2011 08:43 am

bt_front.jpg - Bluetooth module connected to FrSky module in radio (696 KB) Espen Solbu, 04/12/2011 09:41 pm

bt_rear.jpg - Bluetooth module connected to FrSky module in radio (667 KB) Espen Solbu, 04/12/2011 09:41 pm