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2.0 Multiple models

  • Store different channel configuration for different models
  • Store different alarm configuration for different models
  • Automatic configuration of alarms when switching models
  • Model "match", get notified if current alarm configuration does not seem to match the way the model is set up

1.1: Usability changes

  • Option for logging to CSV file
  • Option for Bluetooth auto-enable
  • Option for Bluetooth auto-connect
  • Option for Auto-set volume
  • Various bug Fixes, see 1.1 for more information
  • Bluetooth connecting status

1.0: First release on market

  • FrSky Analog channels
  • Channel configuration
  • Program the built-in FrSky alarms
  • Text to speech
  • Simulator


APK files

Primary download site for APK should be Android Market https://market.android.com/details?id=biz.onomato.frskydash
Debug releases can be found in the Files section on this page

Source files:

Repository: http://projects.onomato.biz/svn/android-dash/


  • Bluetooth bridge: You will need a way for your phone to talk to the FrSky module over Bluetooth. I use a RS232 <-> Bluetooth bridge from eBay. See wiki for more details.
  • Text to speech synthesizer: The app will request you to install a Text to speech synthesizer when you start it the first time.

User Manual

Contact Information

You can either go to the Android market place, and utilize the "Email Developer" link there, or;
If you wish to participate in the project, you can register for a user here, and use the Forum to get in touch with me


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Really cool installation of FrSky Modules and Dashboard!
Thanks to Aaro Malila for sharing this cool setup
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Thanks to Hans Capelle (1 comment)
I would just like to publicly thank Hans Cappelle for the tremendous work he is putting into this project.
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Alpha hub support
Version 2.0 Betas has preliminary hub support
Added by Espen Solbu about 6 years ago

v2.0 Beta 7 added to files and Google Play
v2.0 ready for Google Play
Added by Espen Solbu about 6 years ago

v2.0 Beta 4 added to files
Added by Espen Solbu over 6 years ago

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