• Deathlogs

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  • FrSky

    FrSky Community projects. Check the subprojects and the wikis for more information

    • Android Dashboard

      Please acknowledge this project if you use the source...


      2.0 Multiple models

      • Store different channel configuration for different models
      • Store different alarm configuration for different models...
    • Hardware Dashboard

      Hardware dashboard to mount on the Radio to display values and perform alerts

      Should utilize the FUP protocol
      Should allow "passthrough" of data to USB to utilize Python Dashboard

    • Onboard Hub

      Hub to allow connection of sensors, GPS units and similar to the FrSky two way system

    • Python Dashboard

      Python Dashboard to display telemetry data from the FrSky two way system

      should utilize the FUP protocol for user data

    • Sensors

      DIY Sensors for FrSky Two way system, check the wiki for more information

    • RC

      All RC related stuffs, builds and so on goes here.

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