Bug #497

Feature #161: Support the FrSky Sensor Hub Protocol

Hub Derived channels sometime stop updating

Added by Espen Solbu about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Target version:3.0 FrSky hub and sensors


I have been unable to consistently reproduce this, but I have seen it several times:

Sometimes the Hub values stop updating. This applies both to hub values and the hub channels

I know this sequence has caused it on both HTC Desire, and Samsung Galaxy SII

Start State: Connected, model configured with hub support, stream including hub data
  • From Dashboard: Edit Model->Back
  • From Dashboard: Menu->Models->Edit current Model->Back->Back
Does typically not solve itself by following actions:
  • Disconnect->Connect
Sometimes (not always) solves itself by following actions:
  • Switching models
  • Killing application, restart application, connect

Associated revisions

Revision 470
Added by Espen Solbu about 6 years ago

refs #497 Entering and then leaving the model config page now forces the model to re-register its channels. This solves the particular issue. There is still an issue where the hub suddenly no longer accepts the userbytes. (FrSkyServer still detects userbytes, but now further parsing is done on them). I have been unable to reliably reproduce this issue


#1 Updated by Espen Solbu about 6 years ago

Seems to be related to the fact that the channels get loaded from database (after save) when you "back" out of the Model config page.
Loading from database runs setSourceChannelId() on the channel, however this does not register the listeners.
Should probably run registerListenerForChannelUpdates() after loading

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