Bug #490

Possible bug with moving average code

Added by Espen Solbu about 6 years ago.

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Target version:2.0 Multiple models


I do experience some weird behavior with the analog values.

My scenario is as follows:
  • Cleanly installed app, plane has voltage sensor attached to AD1
  • Connect to the model. The model has a fresh battery, measured cell voltage to 4.17 volt
  • Tune the factor setting for AD1 so that the dashboard is showing 4.17 Volt

I now sometimes experience that the number starts to grow, so eventually i have to modify the factor again to get it back down.

  • After flying, both the app and voltmeter show 3.8V
  • I replace the spent battery with a fresh one. Voltmeter show 4.18V
  • App now shows 3.9V or so. I have to start modifying factor to get it to show 4.18V....

Note! I did not see if i ended up with the same factor as i started with.
My suspicion is that possibly the moving average stack is not properly refreshed or something. It seems that modifying the factor somehow gets the app back into proper state if this is the case.

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