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Simulator using file - multiple threads

Added by Espen Solbu over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Target version:2.0 Multiple models


It seems that if one use incorrect path or similar in the path edit field, one can get to a state where one can start the cyclic file reader simulator multiple times. spawning new threads every time. (perhaps that is why i use the other way to do threads...?)

At one point i had 1 thread reading the correct file, and two thread returning exceptions for missing files/paths.

I was unable to stop these threads without rebooting the phone.

I am not sure i understand how the file playback is supposed to work...

Lastly, i am unsure if it is wise to read the entire file to memory, then play it. a 10 minute recording at 30 FPS would be at least 200KB. If performance allows it, i think better solution is to keep stream open, but read byteByByte or frameByFrame. No need to spend too much time on that until it becomes a problem.

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Revision 347
Added by Hans Cappelle over 6 years ago

refs #399 and #400 fixing the toggle button update state on resuming activity when thread stopped but has run in the past


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