Task #351

Performance refactoring

Added by Espen Solbu over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:01/19/2012
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Category:RefactorSpent time:-
Target version:2.5 Maintenance


Paying some technical depth.

At least
  • All aspects of byte->frame->channel parsing
  • public members instead of setters/getters where applicable
  • replace enhanced for loop for arraylists
  • investigate performance of iterating TreeMap.values() vs HashMap.values() vs arraylist
  • Evaluate Load all models into memory to make activities more snappy


Task #355: Load models into server memoryClosedEspen Solbu

Bug #356: Dashboard channels does not update after channel editClosedEspen Solbu

Bug #357: Add channel, adds two channelsClosedEspen Solbu

Bug #358: Add Model, only adds one default channelClosedEspen Solbu

Bug #359: Add model does not save the default channelsClosedEspen Solbu

Bug #360: Recievers not unregistered when swapping modelsClosedEspen Solbu

Task #365: Returning from Model config to Dashboard is slowNew

Task #366: Opening channel configuration from Model config is slowNew

Task #367: Opening FrSky Alarms from Model Config is slowNew

Task #368: Returning from Model config to Model Management is slowNew

Task #369: Move frameDetection code back to BluetoothSerialServiceNew

Task #270: Rebuild GUI refresh to base on Channel broadcasts instead...RejectedEspen Solbu

Task #354: Use LocalBroadcastManager instead of global broadcastRejectedEspen Solbu

Task #374: Refactor frameParsing in server (Handover of frames Async...Closed

Task #385: Refactor Channel's useage of String.formatClosedAndroid Dashboard Developers

Task #452: refactor Frame.toHumanClosedEspen Solbu

Task #453: Remove Broadcasts for Channel to Channel updatesClosedEspen Solbu

Task #454: Make channel to channel updates asynchronousNewAndroid Dashboard Developers

Task #455: Refactor server to channel commands to not use broadcastsClosedAndroid Dashboard Developers

Task #456: Refactor ActivityDashboard.updateChannelValuesNewAndroid Dashboard Developers

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