Initialise Altimeter

Added by Laurent MASSON almost 6 years ago


when using the FL02 screen to display altitude there is a 'R' key to initialize value to zero before fly.
That is to say that there is a key that store the current value to offset.

This feature is mandatory to make it possible to use the altimeter.

Moreover, another interesting feature would be to convert altimeter to variometer.
That is to say just provide a audio feedback when the altitude is growing or decreasing...



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RE: Initialise Altimeter - Added by Espen Solbu almost 6 years ago

Thanks for the input!

I think our roadmap aligns fairly well to your needs :)

The 'R' key, is one of the critical items still missing for full hub support (3.0 FrSky hub and sensors). This is in our item/feature list at #279
Also Vario is one of the items we want to support in 4.0 Support custom alarms (Support Custom Alarms), there was no feature for this in the issues list, so i added #512

Thanks again!