Need more A1 & A2 options.

Added by Charles Beener about 6 years ago

We only use A1 for voltage and A2 for reading current.
Your Dashboard work 100% for that.

I would like to see the option to Mult the voltage and the current to display the Watts.
The option of battery current usage over time would be nice. Ma total used.
That would tell me if we should land and change the battery.
On fling field is a two grass runway. Our Club rents on runway for our RC planes.
But we have to have a spotter for full size planes. If a full size plane is around the field we have to land our RC planes.
Wait until the full size plane is done with the field . Then we can fly again.
I let the spotter us my smart Phone to view the status of the battery. If they had a readout of the current used he wouldn't
need to look over my shoulder and try to read my ersky9x transmitter display. That way we don't have to take our eyes off our plane.
We Like your DashBoard alot. Keep up the good work.
My system is
ersky9x transmitter with a BlueTooth JY-MCU BT_Board V1.2 115200 baud
Phone is Droid4
Our RC Planes use FrSky D8R-II Plus.
Current PC baord is home made . That plugs into the side pins of the receiver.
Our 16 RC Planes range in size from 18" to 60" wings. Foam and stick built.

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RE: Need more A1 & A2 options. - Added by Espen Solbu about 6 years ago

Cool! Thanks for the feedback!

I see two features in your request:
  • Current consumption on AD1 (I had already planned currentconsumption on the new FrSky current sensor, though that is not on AD1). I have added this as a task: #498 I think this should be fairly easy to do when we get to specialized channels
  • Allowing a channel to combine two or more source channels, e.g. multiply them. Very good idea, not sure how easy it will be to implement this. I have added a task for this as well (#499) as i would like to do this task also