Android FrSky Dashboard

Added by Laurent MASSON over 4 years ago

Hi All,
Espen, do you still work on this project?
I was thinking that it was not the case, but I see there : [[]] that there is a version 3.0 Beta5.
I don't see this modifications on svn repository.

I'm still surprised that nobody continue your fabulous work ;)



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RE: Android FrSky Dashboard - Added by Espen Solbu over 4 years ago

Hello and thanks for the kind words.

I have not worked on the project for awhile as I have little available time (I have not been able to fly either..)

I now have most of the equipment necessary to hook the Taranis up to the app, so I could start getting it to work with the new protocol.

The latest changes for beta 5 should be in the repository, however it is not in the files list. I had a server crash, and some of the check-ins were lost as well as a lot of the information on the web page.

Hopefully I'll find some time to work on the app again, though I cannot promise anything.