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This is a place where you can post questions and comments regarding the Android FrSky Dashboard

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RE: Welcome - Added by Thorsten Klein over 6 years ago

Hi Espen,
as you mentioned in your e-mail i registered myself now.
So you can add me for a beta tester.
Question off topic: Where are you from?

Regards Thorsten

RE: Welcome - Added by Espen Solbu over 6 years ago

I have added you as tester. You should be able to subscribe to things on this project page. Also i will let you know when i have new APK files for testing.

Also you are able to add new "issues" like bugs and similar.

I am from Norway


RE: Welcome - Added by Alex Nauta about 6 years ago

Hello Espen,

Great work! I just got my FrSky DJT and found out about your software.

I had a cheap TTL bluetooth module that fitted exactly in the DJT module with a max232 TTL>RS232 board I made myself.

Installed the newest beta from this site, and it looks promising :) hope there will be support soon for the hub & gps :):):)

Greetings from the Netherlands,

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RE: Welcome - Added by Espen Solbu about 6 years ago

thanks :)

I don't think hub support is very far away :) (work is well on the way for this)

I will probably post a new Beta version tomorrow, that has several performance enhancements.

I have not been able to fly much lately, this is why i have not released the latest beta on Android Market/play yet. If you test the software, i would love to hear back from you!


RE: Welcome - Added by Hans Cappelle about 6 years ago


Is that a BT module you've got integrated in the Frsky Module housing? Very nice!

(I'm from Belgium by the way, where in the Netherlands do you fly?)