Dashboard crashes

Added by Thorsten Klein over 6 years ago

Hi there,
currently i ´ve following issue:
Connecting BT and reading AD1 AD2 Values and RSSI runs propper.
When i select "module settings" the software crashes and frsky dashboard is shutting down.
Without BT connection it´s possible to go to "Module settings" and changing values in the soft, of course without sending to module.
Any Idea?


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RE: Dashboard crashes - Added by Espen Solbu over 6 years ago


I assume you are running v1.1.1 from Android Market?

I have made a ticket for it here: http://projects.onomato.biz/issues/329

- I understand that this happens when live connection is already established and AD1,AD2 etc is updating and you click Module Settings?
- Does it happen every time you do this?
- Does it crash as soon as you try to enter module settings, or when you try to click one of the send buttons?
- Has it ever worked to update the FrSky alarms from the phone?
- What phone and version of Android are you using?

Could you please add your answers to the ticket mentioned above?

Version 2.0 is about ready for testing. I will try to post an early Alpha release on the files section here later. It might be that this issue is solved in v2.0, though I doubt it as similar issue has not happened on my phone...

Best regards